Clinical Center and Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center

How to Schedule the HSEB Clinical Center and Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center

Step 1:

  • Fill out an initial request form and email to Rebecca Craven and Wendy Hughes at
  • This form is attached to this email and you can find it on the College of Nursing website located here at this link.
  • Once you have submitted this request, both Wendy and I look at it and see what the request is and what location is being requested and determine if the date is already booked for curriculum needs or if we can accommodate your request. Once we can answer yes or no, we will email this information to the requestor. If the date is not available, we then try to figure out alternate dates. If it is a yes, then we will email a detailed scheduling request form and move forward.
  • That request form is attached. It is not on the webpage at this time.

Step 2

  • Fill out the detailed scheduling request form and email to Wendy Hughes and Rebecca Craven.
  • Once this is submitted, either Wendy or Rebecca will be working with you to coordinate your needs for the date/event. This includes phone calls, emails, additional meetings especially with cases and scenarios and the hiring of standardized patients. This includes needs for special requirements ie. Equipment rental, supplies, etc.
  • If your event has special requirements in equipment and supplies, please be prepared to have the specifics to us 4 weeks prior to the event to give time for ordering and planning for back orders.
  • If you are scheduling an OSCE or testing events in the HSEB Clinical Center, you will need to contact Wendy and schedule a 1:1 meeting with her to discuss the logistics of the event. That list of items covered in the 1:1 meeting are attached.

For questions or clarifications on these instructions email Rebecca Craven.

Page updated: Fri, 2014-03-07