Podium Help Sheet for HSEB 40-person Classrooms

Help desk HSEB Room 3100: 801-213-3522

To Start Touch screen to activate the control panel; touch again to display login screen; enter access code provided; press Enter
Select Source Podium PC
Podium Mac (not available in Rooms 2958, 3420, 3430, 5100b)
Podium Inputs-allows you to connect your laptop or other media. Select Laptop 1 or Laptop 2 or S-Video or Composite Video
Document Camera-overhead and slide mode available; device projects opaque objects, pages from a book, transparencies, slides
VCR-standard controls
DVD-standard controls
Lighting Experiment with Full, Meeting, Conference, Projection and Dim to select the lighting choice that works for you.
Lights can also be controlled from the switch panels on the wall.
Advanced Lowers screen and turns on projector(s); includes Projector Screen, Current Status, Display Modify and Window Covering
Media Source Controls volume for VCR, DVD or other media; Mute is a toggle
Mic Volume Controls volume for the mic; Mute is a toggle
Media Source Controls volume for VCR, DVD or other media; Mute is a toggle
Make A Point! This feature shutters the projector; operates as a toggle
Help Desk?
Provides contextual help - press again to turn off
Contacts a person who will respond immediately
System Off Use to end session; turns the projector off, retracts the screen & turns lights on. Projector takes 3-5 minutes to cool before it can be turned on again.

Additional Information for 40-person classrooms

  • One projector, one monitor, DVD and VCR player
  • Document camera: available by request only; call 213-3522 in advance
  • Annotation overlay: not available
  • Internet access is available for all computers; personal computers can be hooked to the Internet with a network cable or connect via the wireless network
  • Remote device: available by request only; works only with PC
  • Mics: by request only
  • Dry erase markers and erasers are in all rooms. (Or ask!)

Equipment requests can be directed to the Help Desk: 801-213-3522

FINGERS ONLY! Use only your finger to touch the podium control panel or the computer monitor with the annotation overlay. Do not use a pen, stylus, etc. on the screens; do not clean or wipe screens!

Page updated: Wed, 2010-12-01